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Castletown station

Station Name:


Manx Name:

Balley Chashtal


1st August 1874


September 1965 (Seasonally Since)

Distance From Douglas:

9 Miles, 60 Chains

Preceding Station:

Ronaldsway Halt (Request)

Following Station:

Ballabeg Station (Request)

This station can be found on the north-eastern edge of the town, beside Poulsom Park; until just prior to the railway’s arrival, this was the island’s capital.  The original building remains, having been finally completed in 1876, constructed from local limestone, making it the only structure on the railway of this type.. It was added to in 1902 when wooden canopy and ornamental verandah were erected,   There is also a large stone goods shed which was erected in 1901 together with a stone water tower which was demolished in 1985 and replaced with the metal construction seen today in 2001.  

The station houses a booking hall, ticket office, waiting room and toilets and was extensively renovated in the winter of 1993/1994; most notably at this time the station canopy was removed and the long-since closed waiting room was re-opened and the canopy removed, putting the building back to it's original state.  The building was complemented with the addition of decorative fascia boarding at this time, and the flat-roofed toilet block to the left of the waiting room was extensively rebuilt in keeping with historical context.  The goods shed also received some attention at this time.

As part of the location filming for the transatlantic production of the Thomas & The Magic Railroad movie scenes were filmed at the station, forming the basis of "Shining Time Station" in the story and the building and its environs were considerably disguised for this purpose.  It was also used for the filming of the 2005 version of Five Children & It when a temporary canopy was built in the place where the original had once stood.  Some exterior scenes for the television version of The Ginger Tree also used the station and canopy in 1988.